Yes, Rewa Kasor is a pseudonym. But who can do something with "Kersten Reinke"? Everyone thinks it's a Girl. However, I had a lot of fun with the name "Kersten"! I'm not telling you about it here, just around the campfire. I got the name Rewa Kasor from my teacher and best friend Walburga. Has something to do with ravens - what a surprise ;-))

What I am: Runer, blogger and author. Too proud to shut up. Too honest to be popular but too confidently to give up. Indestructible, so to speak. Constantly sipping cappuccino because coffee is no longer so good for me. When I am over 60 and have a severe disability, I still have more energy than many who are half my age. However, it does not apply in every area. I can make a few cuts. Because of age and such. Oh yes, don't forget: I'm also a loudmouth fish-head and that applies always, everywhere and in absolutely every area. Yes!
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